Being a teen or young adult can be an exciting and sometimes challenging time in your life. SMB creates the blueprint for a successful, faithful, and responsible future. We prepare our students for life skills, using biblical principles. The student ministry of The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church endeavors to be a beacon of light and life that guides our young people towards a prosperous path that is led by Christ and illuminated by His love.

We are organized into three large groups:

  • Surge (Middle School)
  • Merge (High School)
  • Blueprint (College Students)
  • Student Leadership Team (a mixture of students from Surge, Merge, and Blueprint).






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Our environment is...

1. Safe. All of our mentors, facilitators and teachers are required to pass background checks, reference checks, and quarterly trainings. Our students also have a safe space to meet.

2. Fun: We have designed a space on our campus where our students can have rich conversations, and a creative space to cultivate educational, artistic, and spiritual development.

  • Café: for eating and engaging in real talk conversations
  • Internet Café: computer and technology lab with tv and video game system
  • The Creative Space: Lego, Magnet and Art Room
  • Wellness Room:  for relaxation, yoga, exercise, and meditating
  • Library: a place to check out books and read quietly or complete homework with seating to accommodate differently learning styles
  • The Learning Center: a creative space to learn with state-of-the-art technology
  • Theatre: complete with surround sound, video game system, theatre screen and a stage for public speaking, dancing, and performing
  • Game Room: with built in games

SMB Students supports upport middle, high, and college students, as well as their parents and area schools. We care for our students and provide opportunities for counseling and supportive services if requested.

Our groups are designed to help students become who GOD has created them to be. Our mentoring programs provide an opportunity for students to discuss an array of topics including:

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
  • Bullying and Domestic Violence
  • Social Media Safety
  • Healthy Communication
  • Substance Abuse
  • Preparing for High School Specialty Programs
  • College Preparation
  • Get a Job / Keep a Job…

 We encourage healthy communication with students and parents utilizing social media, parent-student discussions, and bi-monthly newsletters emailed to our students and parents. We also have a Student Hub Board in our SMB Suite that contains information for our students from the community.

We cultivate spiritual growth using Orange Curriculum for our middle and high school students. This curriculum provides weekly resources to help students experience God through relationships and by trusting in the Word of God. The lessons are age appropriate, challenging and engaging. Family engagement is encouraged through printable downlaods and online videos. Our college students have been growing with UMI Urban Faith and meet both on campus and online.   



We provide Outreach initiatives that encourage our students to give back to their communties. Here are some of the ways we're serving:

  • Teacher Appreciation
    • Fairfield Middle School
    • Cristo Rey Richmond High School
    • Highland Spring High School
  • Sport Meals
    • Hermitage High School Football Team
    • Cristo Rey High School Girls’ Basketball Team
    • Varina High School Basketball Team
  • Partnership
    • Martin Luther King Middle School STEM Program
    • Varina High School State Champion Basketball Team (Sponsors several Varina basketball players to attend a basketball camp)
    • We supported the Chesterfield, Ettrick, Matoaca, and Meadowdale Communities, expanding their library programs for their children and students: technology program, interactive learning opportunities, STEM and career skills.
      • Three of our students attended a golf tournament to support the community libraries and their programs.
    • Highland Spring High School Marching Band Battalion
    • Donated backpacks and supplies to Fairfield Middle School, Quioccasin Middle School, Cristo Rey High School, George Wythe High School, and Highland Springs High School
    • Virginia State University Gospel Carrol and Black Awakening Choir
  • Christmas Initiatives
    • Anna Julia Cooper Middle School
    • Boushall Middle School
    • Fairfield Middle School
    • Cristo Rey High School
    • Highland Springs High School



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Group Lead: Cassandra Freeman
Events Lead: Renada Lewis
Care Leads: Rev. Jeanetta Lee & Deacon Barbara Palmer
Volunteer Lead: Cecily Hickman
Outreach Lead: Deborah Morris
Communications Leads: Marquis Massenburg and Moses Carter
Worship Lead: Eboni Allen



Have questions? Need assistance? Email us at or call us at 804.326.2401

Life Stage Pastor: Min. Martina Jones



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Being a teen is a rollercoaster ride – there’s fun and excitement, but also sometimes pain, heartache and acne. This Life Stage creates the blueprint for a successful, faithful and responsible future.

The Student Ministry of The Saint Paul's Baptist Church endeavors to be a beacon of light and life that guides our young people towards a prosperous path that is led by Christ and illuminated by His love.

We are organized into three large groups:




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