In preparation for the time of dedication, you and your family should be aware of the following:

The Purpose of Baby Dedications

In presenting your child for dedication to God, you are confessing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and acknowledge your duty as parents to bring your child up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, so that he/she may later, of his/her own free choice, confess his/her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as his/her personal Savior, uniting through the church through baptism, and dedicating himself/herself to the service of God.

Designation of Dedication Times

Dedications are done on the THIRD SUNDAY of each month on our Belt Campus at 10:00 am, Creighton Campus at 11:00 am, and our Elm Campus at 10:00 am. Please be mindful that we try to schedule no more than five children per service. When scheduling your child’s dedication, we’ll need you to complete and return the electronic form below with a picture (optional) of your child two weeks prior to the scheduled dedication.

Reservation of Seating

When you arrive the morning that your child will be dedicated, please check in with the Welcome Desk or ushers so that you can be seated in a reserved area. Each family will have one row reserved for parents and extended family.  Additional guests will be responsible for locating their own seating. Please be mindful that we will only hold seats up to fifteen (15) minutes prior to the worship celebration.

Baby Dedication Process

At the appropriate time in the worship celebration, the Pastor and/or designee will call for those having babies to dedicate to come forward. All family members should gather in the front of the podium ON THE FLOOR LEVEL while the parents and child go to CENTER STAGE. Once you’re at the podium, the Pastor and/or designee will:

• Recite words of Scripture

• Ask BOTH parents and family members to respond “WE DO” to the following promises:
Do you, as parents and family, recognize this child as a gift of God, give thanks, and praise for how God has blessed you?
Do you acknowledge your own faith in God as Creator, Christ as Savior and the Spirit of God as our teacher, comforter and guide?
Do you promise to the best of your ability to give this child every possible benefit of home, family, school and church?

• Ask the father (mother if father is not present) to name the child. The parent should state, “We name this child (child’s name).”

• Pray for the child and anoint the child with oil on the forehead as a symbol of the blessing of God (Psalm 23).

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the age requirement for dedications at SPBC?

Children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years old can be scheduled for dedication.

Is there special attire that my child must wear on the day of dedication?

It is traditional for children to wear all-white clothing when being dedicated. However, we don’t have a specific dress requirement for the dedication.

May I take pictures and/or video record my child’s dedication?

This is a very special moment in the life of your child, so we allow you to video record this portion of the worship service. Pictures may be taken during the dedication service, but please be mindful of others seated behind you.

When will I receive my child’s certificate?

Your child’s Dedication Certificate will be mailed on the Monday following the dedication.

What if I need to cancel my child’s dedication?

If you need to cancel your child’s dedication, please notify the Member Services Team immediately:
Creighton Campus: Lauren Bonner - (804) 643-4000
Belt Campus: Renita Henderson - (804) 232-5694
Elm Campus: Felecia Mason - (804) 732-1200

Request forms:
Baby/Child Dedication Request Form

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