We Are Excited to Welcome YOU!

Saint Paul’s is a group of people from all walks of life who are being grown together by faith. We gather weekly to worship God and experience a relevant, powerful message designed to transform lives. We are passionate about empowering people to grow by celebrating the goodness of God, connecting with each other in groups, caring for each other and the world and contributing our money and minutes to positively impact our communities. Saint Paul’s is a multi-site church that transcends one place and region. Our mission is to empower people to grow into all that God created them to be: this is the foundation for everything we do.

What Are Worship Celebrations Like?

All worship celebrations at Saint Paul’s are comprised of the two primary elements: powerful worship and a life-changing message. A Pastor and a talented live band lead every worship celebration that creates a contemporary style that demonstrates relevance with today’s culture. All Saint Paul’s campuses receive the same dynamic and relevant teaching messages each week from Senior Pastor Lance Watson or a member of his dynamic teaching team. A weekend worship celebration typically lasts for 90 minutes and you can always expect them to start and end on time. In addition, the local campus team will spend time engaging, connecting and doing ministry with the church body throughout the week.

What About My Children?

Lions of Zion - the children's experience at Saint Paul’s is designed uniquely for children from birth through fifth grade. At Lions of Zion gatherings, your child will experience engaging age-appropriate teaching, music and activities developed to point your child toward a daily relationship with Christ. Dedicated Lions of Zion servants will be there week after week to care for your child at Lions of Zion experiences. We utilize a state-of-the-art check-in system that ensures a safe environment for your child and allows for easy drop-off/pick-up for parents. All Lions of Zion staff and servants are dedicated to fulfilling our mission, which is: "partnering with parents to provide our children with the skills, experiences and resources that will enable them to grow into the people that God created them to be."

Anything for Youth?

SMB [Surge, Merge & Blueprint] – the Youth Ministry of Saint Paul’s offers multiple opportunities for young people between grades 6 – 12. We offer encouragement for Youth by helping them to get involved and become more familiar with Christian values. With live worship, teaching that is relevant and applicable to a student's life, and hands-on interaction with a Life Stage pastor, staff and servants. Students are encouraged to participate in small groups where they will build relationships with their peers, develop accountability and grow together in their relationship with Christ. During the weekend, we even offer a weekly worship celebration designed for teens by teens!

Where Can I Park?

Belt Boulevard Campus—Parking is available directly adjacent to the church campus and an additional parking lot is located immediately to the north of the facility. Overflow parking is available across Hull Street in the Southside Plaza Mall parking area. Click here for more detailed directions.
Creighton Road Campus—Parking is available surrounding the church campus. Due to high volume traffic, Parking Servants are available to direct traffic and ensure timely parking/traffic flow. For safety, please follow the direction of all Police Officers and Parking Servants. (All Parking Servants will be dressed in traffic safety-vests.)* Overflow parking is available at Fairfield Commons Mall. A SPBC shuttle bus runs every 15-20 minutes to the church campus. Click here for more detailed directions.
Elm Street Campus—Parking is available in the church campus lot and along Elm Street. Parking Servants are available to direct traffic and ensure timely parking/traffic flow. (All Parking Servants will be dressed in traffic safety-vests.)*
*Please be advised that On-Duty Police Officers may provide support – including enforcement of parking violations. (i.e. – blocking a fire lane, double-parking, etc.) Therefore, it is our expectation that members/visitors abide by traffic laws & adhere to parking signage.

How Should I Dress?

God is not concerned about what you wear—God is interested in who you are and so are we. We never want attire to be a barrier, so we encourage everyone to dress according to his or her comfort levels. On weekends, you will find persons dressed casually in jeans and slacks – while others may be dressed in suits and dresses. Here’s the point: be present and be comfortable.

What if I’m in a Wheelchair?

Yes. All campuses have seats and ramps and facilities that are wheelchair accessible.

What if I’m Hearing Impaired?

We have hearing aid devices available at the Welcome Desks.

How Do I Become a Member?

You can join at any time by visiting the church office or responding to an invitation given in a worship celebration and soon, you’ll even be able to join online with the assistance of an online pastor! We would LOVE to be YOUR church!

What About Food Service?

Food services are exclusively available on Sundays at our Creighton Campus. Discounts are available for college students with a valid college ID.