SPBC SMB Youth Ministry is ready to take

the ministry of Jesus Christ to another level!

At Saint Paul's, we are always ready to celebrate the gift of grace through salvation. We understand that life experience has been designed to reveal God to us. We also recognize that our young people should be guided to experiences which lead to life - not death. Things like: empowering education, encouraging relationships with their parents & peers, and even a broad awareness of how being believer will impact the world they live in.

We desire every member of Saint Paul's to join us in a life of celebration.

We are organized into three large groups:

SURGE (Ages 11-13)

MERGE (Ages 14-16)

BLUEPRINT (Ages 17-19)

Our pursuit of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is fearless. And we’re taking on the challenge of changing the community; one teen at a time.

We serve, we sing, we dance, we mentor, we step, we usher, we worship, we give, we act, we study, we plan, we share, we celebrate, we connect, we contribute, and we care. We are YMSMB (Youth Ministry Surge, Merge & Blueprint)!



We’re Going 
Beyond What You’ve Seen,
Beyond What You’ve Heard,
Beyond What You’ve Known!
NEW Time, NEW Format, NEW Focus!
Youth ages 11-19 join us today in the Chapel at
CRE and every 3rd SUN at 9 or 11am for a
worship encounter BEYOND what you
have experienced!


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