About Financial Assistance

Hardship assistance is available for Saint Paul’s Baptist members who have an immediate financial crisis with their rent, mortgage and/or utilities (water, gas and electricity). Assistance is available only once within a 12-month period. An application is required along with (a) photo identification (b) copy of bill or shut-off notice and (c) official proof of residency from landlord/owner for an eviction notice is not in your name.

All financial hardship assistance is based on the availability of funds.

If you a member of the church in need of financial assistance and have not received assistance during the last 12 months, please come to one of our campus offices to complete an application.

Belt Campus
700 E. Belt Boulevard       
Richmond, VA 23224       

Creighton Campus
4247 Creighton Road
Henrico, VA 23223

Elm Campus
29 Elm Street
Petersburg, VA23803

Additional Hurdle Helpers

The following organizations have extended relief to several members and friends of our church family. You may want to call them while your application is being processed.

Catholic Charities Help Program 804.285.5986
Salvation Army 804.225-7470
Richmond Social Services 804.646.7212
Henrico Social Services 804.501.4001
Chesterfield Social Services 804.784.1100
F.I.S.H. Organization 804.257-7730
Central Intake: Men 804.648.4177
Greater Richmond Respite Care 804.329-7004
Central Intake: Women 804.649.0592
YWCA (for women facing domestic violence) 804.643.0888
Hilliard House (for women facing domestic violence) 804.236.5800
Fan Free Clinic (please make appointment on Mondays at 9am) 804.358.6343
Bon Secours Care-A-Van 804.287.7826
Daily Planet 804.649.2119