The Mosby Years

In 1929, the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church voted to call as its fourth Pastor, one of its own ministerial sons, the Rev. Journey Archer Mosby. Rev. Mosby served as a great inspiration to the members of the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church. Providing constant encouragement, example and guidance, there developed among the members a spirit of love and friendship.

Rev. Mosby spent many hours in study and teaching, and established visitation as one of his top ministerial priorities. His example of Christian stewardship served as a shining challenge to all in times of financial austerity. Rev. Mosby maintained a great interest in the development and potential of our young people, and sought to provide them with training in order to develop their leadership abilities. A strong relationship was developed and nurtured between Rev. Mosby and aspiring theological students at the School of Religion at Virginia Union University. Students at the seminary preached many a sermon at the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church.

Recognizing the need for a larger Sanctuary to meet the demands of a growing congregation, Rev. Mosby began a building crusade to expand and beautify the sanctuary. Rev. Mosby moved first to establish firm financial footing for the church.

Under his leadership, the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church launched an expansion campaign on Thanksgiving Day, 1950. The members made pledges and through much prayer, perseverance and sacrificial giving, the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church was able to generate the necessary funds for expansion.

As the spirit of God moved, God opened the door for the Church to purchase an existing facility on the corner of 26th and Marshall Streets on Church Hill. The Church voted to relocate, rather than attempt to expand in its present location. Brother Samuel Taylor, acting as the Church’s realtor, secured our new building.

On July 21, 1957, the members of Saint Paul’s saw their dream become reality. They followed our theme faithfully, “The Church in the Heart of the Community with the Community at Heart...” This dream came to fruition as God moved on the hearts of His people, and they generously pledged themselves to insure that the property would be amortized appropriately and timely.

We are grateful to God for the sacrificial commitment of Thomas B. Leecost, Sr.,Thelma G. Leecost, Samuel S. Taylor, Sr., Phyllis A. Taylor, Booker T. Allen, Corrine L. Allen, Watson White, Elizabeth White, Perry L. Briggs, Sr., Dahllia Y. Briggs, Garfield Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson, John Harrison, Stephen O. Watts, Marion R. Watts, Charles B. Robinson, Edith J. Robinson, John Reed, Alice Reed, Henry Coles. Mary B. Coles, Melvin Jones, Junius E. Harrison, Clara L. Harrison, Llewellyn Harrison, Rosa L. Harrison, John Henderson, Ercelle Henderson, Gray Stone, Helen S. Stone, Linwood Young, Martha B. Young, Julius Cauley, Maria L. Yates, Beatrice Lee, James I. Green, Leroy McKinzie, David P. Lee, Mary F. Hendricks, David Jones, Jr., Viola H. Stokes, Dorothy H. Mines, Calvin T. Morgan, Sr., Alex Briggs, Viola L. Briggs and John D. Cook, who, working together in love, took responsibility for leading the membership to retire the note in record time.

Rev. Mosby served the Saint Paul’s congregation for 40 years. During this time, many ministries were initiated. In 1969, Saint Paul’s Baptist Church celebrated its 12th Annual Relocation Service, the retirement of Rev. Mosby and welcomed its fifth Pastor, the Rev. James E. Leary on Sunday July 20, 1969