On a hill in Newtown on Thanksgiving night, November 25, 1909, a group of dedicated and courageous believers in Jesus Christ met for the purpose of organizing a church. After petitioning the First Union Baptist Church for letters, they received release from our Mother Church and the first meeting was convened at 2028 Henrico Street now known as Botetourt Street. Brother John C. Randolph organized this initial gathering.

Those persons in attendance at this meeting included: Sister Margie Bowling, Brother Massie Crawford, Brother John Crawley, Sister Josie Crawley, Sister Daisy Graham, Sister Frances Harris, Brother John Leecost, Sister Phyllis Leecost, Sister Hattie Moore, Brother William Moore, Sister Mary Neal, Rev. Isaac Pearly, Sister Martha Pearly, Brother John Randolph, Sister Evaline Scott and Rev. John Scott. This newly organized fellowship called the Rev. George Pinkney to serve as its first Pastor and selected as its motto, “Onward and Upward.”